If you are a writer, there are several reasons why you should consider self publishing your own book in Canada.

FirstchoiceBooks,a Canadian company, gives you complete control over your work. There won’t be any major publishers or publishing companies making inappropriate changes to your work. You can self publish what you had actually thought of and written using your own creative abilities.Traditional publishers quite often change the cover of your book, the title, and even the names of the characters, if they want without even any discussion with it’s author. As a self publisher,please rest assured that no one but you have autonomy over your work.

FirstchoiceBooks allows you to enjoy great flexibility. You can change the direction or genre of your own writing and  under no obligation to follow the niche that was created for yourself earlier or the one that a traditional publishing company wants you to adhere to. If the idea or theme of your book doesn’t fit in to the slots of the traditional publisher, your manuscript most likely would be rejected. FirstchoiceBooks,allows you to be as experimental as you want in self publishing your book while exploring new potentials.

FirstchoiceBooks makes selfpublishing  more profitable compared to traditional publishing. In case of traditional publishing, you get a small, upfront payment and some book royalties that are spread over the years, depending on how your book sells. Since some publishing companies do not take much pain and effort to market your book, you normally won’t get high returns. On the contrary, self publishers can take the best possible steps to market their book effectively so as to enjoy increased sales and higher profits. No doubt, as a self publisher you would have to invest your own money and time  initially, but the final balance sheet would be quite impressive.

So, if you are thinking of self publishing your book, please visit firstchoicebooks.ca Here you can self publish your book quickly and affordably, and determine your own book content, style, price and marketing strategies.