An Illustrator is a matter of personal taste. We also have had authors illustrating their own books

Rosemarie Gillen – Illustrator

Picture of Rosemarie Gillan illustrator

Award Winning Children’s Illustrator

(The recipient of the Creative Child Magazine Award, The New England Book Festival Award, Dragonfly Publishing Best Cover Art)

Recipient of the Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine
Honorable Mention from the New England Book Festival Award
Purple Dragonfly Awards
Story Monster Approved
Granny Awards Stories for Children Best Illustration.
Dragonfly Publishing Best Cover Art

From 2003-2015, produced a total of 50 plus children’s books, some  of which were  published traditionally, with Bright Sky Press, Flying Books, Creative Educational and Publishing, and Wiggles Press Publishing Companies.

Denis Proulx – Illustrator

Freelance Illustrator of over 100 children’s books!

Cartoon of Denis Proulx illustrator

Phone: 613-316-8436

Charles Tan – Illustrator and His Brother Colin Tan

Cartoon of Charles Tan illustrator

For whom we have printed many books including an anthology of illustrators! He works for Atomic Cartoons in Vancouver, BC.


BECOME: A Trollhunters Fanbook – Eternal Knight Edition, Eclipse Edition, Daylight Edition

Just Let It Go

Little Sparrow and the White Tiger

Folklore Vol 1 (Colin)

Very accomplished artist!

The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators

CAPIC is the collective voice and advocate for professional photographers, illustrators, and digital artists in Canada. We work hard to maintain industry standards, create a community, fight for copyright protection, and much more.

Canadian Society of Children’s Author, Illustrators, and Performers    – click on “Members” then Illustrators to find one near your postal code.

Jeff Powers – Illustrator

I am an artist and illustrator with varied skills and experience.
Please feel free to check out my website along with my CV at
If any of my skills look like they could be of use for one of your future publications, I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for your time.
Jeff Powers
Jeff Powers resides in Alberta, Canada after graduating from the University of Lethbridge in Fine Arts.

Children’s Writers and Illustrators of British Columbia Society

(there are three pages of these illustrators here)

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