Testimonials from First Choice Books authors

Please find a collection of testimonials from First choice Books authors below:

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1.  Thank you, First Choice Books, for my new beautifully printed and bound hardcover poetry books! Thank you for the high quality artistic design, the perfectly reproduced colour illustrations, and the whole helpful, smooth and speedy professional production!

~ Susanne Lansonius, author of Moments

     2.  Thank you, for all your help! I couldn’t have done it without you! You have all been so great, and I am recommending you already.

~ Cyndi Ardiel, author of My Angels and Me

     3.   I just took possession of my book and I have to say I am over the moon with joy. You and your team made my dream come true in a spectacular way. Everything about it is how I imagined. Thank-you so very much for all you’ve done, I cannot be happier with the result. If all goes well and my book is well received, you will be hearing from me again to produce my second book. Again, thank-you very much, all of you!

~ Grant Pearce, author of Days That Are No More

      4.   I have not experienced such an unknown and challenging venture in many years. To undertake this journey and see it through to a successful end, is sometimes scary. But I guess it’s like eating an elephant, start with one bite at a time, and stay focused. I do appreciate your efforts to help and guide me through the printing process and design issues, and I do look forward to having you work with me again if another collection of “stories” comes to life. Thanks again.

~ Terry Hynes, author of Stories That Rhyme and Sometimes Amuse

         5.  Wow, what a journey it has been, first to write the poems over these last 4 years and then to even find people wanting to have them in one place to read them and then to find First Choice and the editor and then you! What an amazing experience, so much fun and very easy. I will recommend it to anyone who wants to self publish.

Thanks for everything. I think you are extremely professional and caring in your work and correspondence and in the attention to detail is superb. I also love your creativity. All such grand attributes to have in your profession. I think you work in a wonderful place! The place where words all come together to be shared. You must love going to work everyday!  I am so excited to see the print version especially as I am more of a real book person than an ebook, although books are awesome no matter how they are read!

I found my experience with you delightful and fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I am so glad I found First Choice Books and I will be talking about you all whenever I talk about the book. THANK YOU Jenny!

~ Allison Ryder, author of A Traveller’s Companion

           6.   Have a nice Canada Day – we have a magnificent country and we have to be grateful every day. Because of you guys and your Canadian kindness and humanity, not just customer service plus, I feel a friendship across the miles.

~ Maria Ignatow and Svetlana Antonov, author of Cup of Joy

          7.   We are really thrilled with the design and layout of Back to Vietnam and would like Finding Lien to have the same look and feel….the same quality of paper, same tone of paper, font etc. Lately we have come across a number of self-published books …written by acquaintances…some done by CreateSpace…and they quite frankly look “tawdry” along side Back to Vietnam. Thanks to you we have a first class book to sell.

~ Elaine Head and Bruce Logan,
author of Back to Vietnam:Tours of the Heart and Finding Lien

           8.  Have a good day and say hello to Jenny, Sol, and Melanie. You all do such good work. I have never felt uncomfortable or worried since the first day Patrick provided me with my sea legs and the rest of you shored me up.

~ Aileen Monaldi, author of According to Aileen,
10 Days to Die,
and Dead Man Standing

           9.   Just wanted to let you know that I received all my copies of Alternative Wasteland, and it looks amazing. Just wanted to thank you and your team for the dedication, quality and craftsmanship in regards to the final product. Couldn’t be more happy with it.

~ Michael Peters, author of Alternative Wasteland

          10. I received the books in good order on Feb. 23. They look great! I like the white binding, it gives it a fresh new look. Please thank all the others on your team for another successful printing!

~ June Chipp, author of Duty and Honour:
The Stand Against the Fenians in Fort Erie – 2nd Edition

          11.  I would also like to credit three more people who have added a great deal of value to my work, by helping transform my ideas into a very positive experience for the readers of No Ordinary Seaman: […] and Felicity Perryman at First Choice Books, for her well-honed skills and creativity, her friendly recommendations, and her patience with a good sense of humour – professionalism at its best.

~ Gary Karlsen, author of No Ordinary Seaman

          12.  I wanted to say we received the books and I’m so pleased with the end results! Thank you to you and your team for all the help – you’ve been amazing.

~ Brianna Cirillo, coordinator for Dizionario del Dialetto di Scandale, by Francesco Cirillo

          13.  You guys are awesome! My experience with this book compared to the last two with [previous publisher] is night and day! Not one stressful minute!

~ Lisa Martin, author of Holly the Deaf Dalmation: Holly Learns Agility

          14.   My experience with First Choice was a wonderful one! Everyone got back to me promptly, the books came out GREAT, and they arrived in a timely fashion. Again, thank you so much for the great work on our Creative Writers’ Society Journals, we will be employing you later this year for the next edition. Happy new year and happy printing!

~ Tyler Pearson, Red Deer College

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