Send Files for Your Book to First Choice Books for Publication

Getting ready to send files for your book to us? Great! Once we receive your files, a technician will look at them and make sure they’re ready to go for print or layout, and be in touch by email with any questions.

First Choice accepts PDFs for print-ready books. If First Choice is doing the layout and design of your book, you can send Word documents (.doc or .docx) and images in JPG or TIF format.

Use our handy checklists for sending files:

Check List for Print Ready PDFs
Check list for Sending Files for Layout and Design

Need to learn more about setting up your book for print-ready PDFs? Read our free self-publishing guide! It has tons of hints and tips for Do-It-Yourself book design.

How to send files:

 Small Files – By Email

Text documents and files under 10 megabytes can be sent by email to:  Make sure to put your book title, name, and contact info in the message, along with any special instructions.

Large files –

For files over 10 megabytes, use the free web transfer service, a simple service for transferring files over the internet. Use as the contact email.

Many Large Files – Invitation to Dropbox Folder

If you have many files larger than 10 megabytes, especially those with photographs or illustrations, please send them using To get started, please fill out the form below, and we’ll send you an invitation to our Dropbox account.

Dropbox is a free, web-based application that creates a secure, shared folder that you can place files into on your computer. We then can see those files and download them. Once the folder is set up, you can use it at any time to send us files. Make sure to email the Graphics Team when you upload files!

Dropbox Folder Request:

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