Dr. John Pliniussen's textbook cover "Entrepreneurial Marketing Concepts and Cases"  Book Cover for "Marketing & Sales Alignment Best Practices" by John Pliniussen John Pliniussen's text book cover on creativity and innovation

Queen’s School of Business

Professor John-Kurt Pliniussen (a business book author) was interviewed recently by the Financial Post on the challenges of creativity and innovation in business. What follows is a small snippet of what he said in his article:

The reason places like Apple and Google are places most of us would love to work in is they understand there’s a correlation between an environment like that and the people that are attracted to working in places like that. But when you go to places like newspapers or universities, it’s baby steps. First of all, the market value isn’t huge. We don’t have access to [as much] capital. But that doesn’t mean we can’t put in incremental changes that can start improving the environment. For example, at the Queen’s School of Business, where I’ve been for 11 years, there have been very noticeable changes in the quality of the spaces that we have for teaching, for our offices, for the types of spaces we create virtually for our students and staff, and the types of forums and meetings and issues we discuss, and the forums for making suggestions. I think all businesses understand that they need to adapt these processes and changes, it’s just that given their limited resources, they do it step by step instead of a major overhaul.

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