Is Amazon a VANITY Press

Is Amazon a VANITY Press??

The answer you seek may depend on your point of view. I will simply present the facts and allow you to make a decision.

The term VANITY or subsidy press is a derogatory term coined by someone in the traditional publishing industry. It simply means taking payment from an Author to print or publish his book. Therefore, simply put,  Printing and Self Publishing companies fall in the category as a subsidy publisher. We can get a little more technical here but we won’t.

I,sometimes wonder, when he coined  the phrase”VANITY Press” if he ever gave thought to the numerous manuscripts rejected by  traditional publishers that later  became successful for the Self Published authors.

I also wonder,  whether the amount of royalty provided  by traditional publishers was enough for the Author to justify giving up all rights to his book. Do they have any negotiating power or much say when the manuscript is submitted ?The fact that a manuscript was selected in the first place should empower the author .

First Choice Books has taken exception to the derogatory word VANITY bandied  around by publishing agent, book sellers and traditional old school publishing houses . All Self Publishing  Companies provide a much needed service to the many talented authors who pay for professional  layout , design , editing and marketing services. Amazon, thru their printing and distribution company Create Space  offer such a service.

I wonder if the traditional publishers who list with Amazon would dare call Amazon a subsidy publisher? We are all doing this to make a buck, are’t we?

Self Publishing and Self Publishing Companies  are here to stay and that is why AMAZON thru Create Space is joining the party! Without us, many poetry, family history, public speaking and self counsel books would just be a dream.

How about changing the word VANITY or SUBSIDY   to Alternate Publishers or Self Publishing press?

Shy Riyasat

Bookbinding Professional