lean and green

Lean and Green initiatives

No business is too small to have an environmental plan. As one of the top Canada self publishing companies, First Choice Books is committed to sustainable printing and self publishing.

One of the first rules of green business is to do more with less. Reducing waste is in the best interest of not just the environment, but businesses – large or small. Having an environmental plan will save your business money by reducing costs. Furthermore, the plan doesn’t have to cost much – or even anything – to develop, and can be carried out with minimal effort. Your green plan can start with small changes that can save you time and money.

Here are some pointers:

  • Turn off lights and equipment at night to save on your energy bill.
  • Change the raw materials you use or find a supplier that is eco-friendly.
  • Introduce a paperless system to reduce waste, save on printing and toner costs.
  • Recycle toner containers and used printers.
  • Some of our staff – walk, cycle or take transit to work. Some work from home under Covid-19.
  • We compost all leftover lunch waste.
  • We have motion detectors on all our lights in the new building, except those for security.
  • Our new building is heated with a heat exchanger.

Saving the environment should be our top priority and First Choice Books would be happy to listen and share other ideas you have with our clients and friends. Much of the paper we use is tree-free and, unlike other printing companies, we maximize our print layout per sheet of paper, thus reducing paper waste substantially, while offering you great prices for printing your book.

Below are photos taken during our in-house seminar with a professional consultant on our “Lean and Green” initiative.

Lean and Green instructor at First Choice Books

First Choice Books staff listen to Lean and Green instructor