book repair ideas and tips in scrabble letters

Before you experiment with book repair tips & ideas on your library book, I suggest getting a throw away book to gain some measure of confidence. By practicing you will gain skills and abilities.

Pencil Mark

To invoke book repair tip use pink pearl eraser rubbing with light pressure in one direction (never back and forth)

Ink Mark

Try pink pearl eraser rubbing in one direction. Paper is made from wood so it will react to the sand paper differently. Use the finest grade possible.   Attached to your finger and rub gently in small strokes as if lifting the ink off  the page.

Cracked Hinge

Using a dull knife, run under sheet and apply glue with a thin  brush.   Insert a folded wax paper so the page does not stick to the cover. Put in a book press or weigh down for 4 hours.

Dusty Book

Top edge of most books get dusty. Hold the book tightly and blow dust from spine out, and then dust lightly with a feather duster.

Dull Cover

Try white bread for removing dirt. Do not ever wash covers. This will make them dull and cause moisture penetration in boards leading to mildew.

Candle Wax

Try removing with a dull knife or finger nail. A suede brush will help loosen the wax.

Chewing Gum

Wrap  book in plastic tightly and place in freezer for a couple of hours. Remove the hardening gum with a dull knife lifting upwards. Clean off residue with a light cleaning fluid. If the gum is stuck between pages, slice the  hardened gum to Separate  the sheet.  Wrap some ice in plastic and place on top of sliced gum until hardened. Try the surgery again

Cover Fade

Apply a good cleaning fluid and a coat of wax.

Cover Spots& Stains

This is difficult to remove as it may damage the cover fabric and           finish. Try a light cleaning fluid in a small area first


Apply a thick coat of rubber cement and let it dry. Rub it until it forms a ball and this should remove the crayon marks.

Coffee Rings

Try a cleaning fluid such as potassium permanganate with a cleaning blotter and wax paper under the page.

Red Wine Stains

Apple white wine with a dropper then cleaning fluid.


Lift off with a dull knife and clean any residue with a cleaning fluid.

Dirty Pages

Erase, white bread, or opaline pad all used with extreme care.

Rubber Stamp

Leave it alone unless you have an excellent cleaning fluid.

Flowers and Leaves

Don’t do it. For the stubborn at  heart,  take your chances.

Folded Down Corners

Straighten them out and press book down. Stubborn folds can  be soften with light moisture and straighten with pressing iron.

Hinge Loose

Stand book up and allow a small amount of adhesive to dribble down between the inside cover and end sheet. Turn the book around and do the same. Press book down with wax paper between cover and end sheet.

Ink Underlining

This is difficult since removing the ink will remove the type (print). Pink pencil stick eraser may be helpful.

Insect Stains

Remove residue with fingernail or dull knife. If it is not in a printer area try a cleaning fluid.

Leather Books

Treat the cover before tackling the rest of book. Apply a preservative or leather rejuvenator like lenol or potassium lactate if the covers are dry. Older leather books develop a problem called ‘red rot’ where the leather simply crumbles away.A leather shoe repair shop is best for supplies


Brush the mildew off and dry the book. Apply hydrogen peroxide carefully with an eye-dropper. Lemon juice may work as well. Place book in sunlight or under  a lamp

Paper Clips

Don’t ever  use in books!! They may leave indentations and rust stains.Iron out after moisture softening

Scotch Tape

Hexane is best but there is difficulty getting it. Use rubber cement thinner and cleaning fluid.

Suede Bindings

Do not use any waxy or oily preparations on them. They will look awful. Use a suede brush to try lifting any spots or stains. Use masking tape with your fingers to lift stains off.

Cloth Tape

Most people use these to tape the unhinged cover. It is difficult to remove the adhesive residue. Try to soften with Hexane and gently remove

Shy Riyasat

Bookbinding Professional