Sleeking-Lamination – Add Bling To Your Digital Design!

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Photo: Melanie Perkins

1. Introducing Sleeking-Lamination

First Choice Books is proud to add sleeking-lamination to the finishing options we can offer our clients. We are very excited about our newly acquired laminator which provides this innovative service.
Sleeking is a registered trademark of GMP Co. Ltd., distributors of the digital lamination machine we now use. We are able to apply a clear gloss or matte film to your entire printed book cover, greeting or business card. In addition the sleeking laminator allows the application of gloss, matte, holographic and metallic (foil) overlays, almost identical to spot varnish, to a portion of an image on the cover and background image too. We can now over-print unique designs onto your products. The addition of a sleeked finish, similar to spot varnish, can bring a definite ‘wow’ factor to your printing. Yes books are judged by their covers!

2. How Sleeking-Lamination Works

There are three stages to the sleeking process: artwork, printing and laminating. In the artwork stage a separate colour layer is created for the spot area or background area that is to have the special effect added (or multiple layers for more than one effect). This layer is then printed on the digital press in a black colour which the laminating or metallic film will adhere to when run through the sleeking lamination machine. You may select gloss, matte, holographic, or metallic finishes. The sleeked pages are then run through the digital printer AGAIN to add the colour layers. As seen in the example above of our latest sleeking project, the results can be stunning.

3. Benefits of Sleeking-Lamination

a. We can now create visually impressive print finishes, reproducing say spot varnish effects at a fraction of the cost, by using the sleeking process.
b. Sleeking is also less labour-intensive and eliminates costs of making blocks and dyes. We now have the flexibility of completing either short or long-run jobs with ease. This is due to the time saved in the set-up of the finishing machinery, along with the fact that the sleeking machine can be run single-handedly. All of this equates to shorter lead times for specialty jobs, which can now be turned around quickly by our staff.
c. One of the best perks of this new technology is our ability to match our print quality to your creativity, all at an affordable cost to you. We are extremely happy to be able to invite you along on this exciting sleeking-lamination journey with us. The only limit is your imagination!

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein