the caps lock keyCaps Lock Key To Be Eliminated?

The caps lock key is a toggle key according to Wikipedia. Toggle once for ALL CAPS and twice for small font.

Have you ever wanted to disable the caps lock key on a friend’s keyboard? The friend who sends you long emails about the latest outrage,  ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS? All caps is widely recognized as shouting in type, and the key that allows us to do it may be in the process of being phased out. Is it necessary to shout in text?

Turns out the key is using up some valuable real estate on our keyboards, and Google, as it releases its latest laptop, the OS Cr-48, has omitted the familiar button. We’ve got great alternatives to all caps now, including bold, italics, so perhaps it’s time.

Capslock and Right Mouse Button consist of somewhere around 0.1% of all key-presses together. 

Google’s Chrome OS Cr-48 laptop mixes up the traditional computer keyboard a bit, putting a bunch of browser-centric keys along the top, adding power on/off and, most shockingly, leaving out Caps Lock.

.You can even download small programs reassigning keys on the keyboard for the OS vista, MS 7 and MS 10.