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Self publish your books?

Why should you choose to self publish your books explained.  Whether your book is a novel, poetry, memoir, children’s book, or technical in content and form, you should choose to self publish your book. Self-publishing gives a lot of opportunities to authors that traditional publishing doesn’t.

In traditional publishing, the author exchanges his/her right and control over the work for money. The author can’t put any questions to the publishing company as to why they changed the title of the book, its cover, plot, and even the ending of the book. The publishing company enjoys complete autonomy over production and publishing of the book.

On the contrary, when you decide to self-publish a book, you are responsible for the content of the book, cover design, editing, printing, copyrights, storage, marketing, sales, distribution, and various other aspects of book publishing. Right from writing and editing to design and marketing, you are involved in everything in the case of self-publishing.

While most authors choose to self-publish books because they want to exercise full control over their work, there are others who self publish books because they have met countless rejections from traditional publishing companies. Such writers and authors are passionate about their work and plan to self publish what they have felt, thought, and written. Self publishing is perfect for novice and anonymous writers who want to enter the industry. It offers them a platform to showcase their talent and carve a niche for themselves in the market.

If you have a flair for writing and nurture a dream of seeing your writings in print and finding appreciation by serious readers, think of self publishing.

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