Lucy Gething's Book on her publishing birthdayPublishing Birthday – Congratulations Lucy Gething!

We’re thrilled to be publishing and printing Lucy’s memoirs of her life, From “Why Not to Yes Dear”. Lucy and her book coordinator, university professor Hausi Muller, came by the offices yesterday to pick up the proof of her book. With colour photos on just about every page, it’s printing right now on our new digital colour press.

 A Great Design Team

Hausi and co-editor Ulrike Stege laid out the book themselves, and First Choice Books designed the cover. We found a great shot of a Swiss flag in the mountains, and included shots of Lucy climbing those same mountains in her teens from inside the book. And because the back cover is always important to attract readers, we put excerpts and more photos from the book, and a shot of the Canadian flag over the Rockies, Lucy’s new home.

The book will be produced in hard cover. We’ll post shots of them in the bindery as they move along.

Best moment of the day? When Hausi Muller showed this proud new author the foreword to her book–written by Switzerland’s Consul General to Canada, Urs Stausak. What a wonderful surprise.

Best wishes to Lucy, Hausi, and Ulrike, and congratulations on your birthday, and your self-publishing success!