Hard Cover Book Printing

Hard Cover Book Printing and Binding by First Choice

Preserve your legacy! First Choice Books’ master binders will bind your book using traditional library quality hard cover binding methods. With either a printed cover or a fabric or leather-style binding, hard wearing and durable, these books will stand the test of time.  Pricing: Calculated by size of book, binding style, page count, and quantity. Please contact us for a quote for your book!

Hardcover books with dustjackets

Hardcover books with dustjackets

Hard cover book printing using fabric and leather-style casing with foil stamped titles

Fabric and leather-style bound books with foil stamped titles

Hard Cover Book – Fabric Cover Library Edition – Smyth Sewn and Foil Stamped

Our most traditional, longest lasting binding

Our library edition binding uses Smyth sewn signatures, where pages are printed on double-width sheets, folded, and stitched into to the binding. Covers can be either fabric style or leather style, in a variety of colours and textures. Smyth sewing is the most durable binding, ensuring that even very thick books can lay flat when open.

The book’s title and author’s name can be stamped on the book using gold or silver foil, in a variety of fonts.

Hard Cover Book Smyth Sewn with Dashed Head Tape

Smyth Sewing: Close-up view of a Smyth-sewn hard cover book. Pages are printed in sheets, folded in sections, and stitched in to the binding. In this shot, you can see the sections of pages (signatures) at the spine. The patterned strip is the head tape, available in a variety of colours to match your book’s cover

Foil Stamping: Close up of gold foilstamping on spine of library editions hard cover books.


Hard Cover Book Printing- Paper Cover

A modern way to show off your work with a durable, attractive printed cover. Binding can be either smyth-sewn, or the more affordable perfect binding (pages cut and glued into spine).

Hard cover books with printed covers: Bright, attractive, and long-lasting. Great for yearbooks, too.

Split Editions – Hard Cover Book Printing and Soft Cover editions of the same book

Would you like to have some of your books hard cover, and the rest the more affordable soft-cover? We can do that! Some examples:

The Naked Rulers - Hardcover and softcover editions

Final Exits - Hardcover with dustjacket and softcover editions