is self publishing a business in scrabble pieces

Self Publishing

is self publishing a business? And should it be treated as such?  The answer is a resounding: YES! Any author will want to capitalize on their authorly endeavors by maximizing their profit margin.

Your profit starts dwindling when companies charge up-front fees to publish your book.

Be careful!  Many promises are made to put your book on the shelves of Brick and Mortar Bookstores. Book returns are plentiful since most of these books are on a consignment basis. And many distributors only put your book in a catalogue so when someone enters the bookstore looking for your book they can order it at the counter.

Did you know that royalty returns from a traditional publisher can be as little as 5-10% and this could be after 1-2 years? They also keep all the movie and TV rights to your book.

With you retain all rights and there are no package deals. We only provide the services you want. Choose only what you need and save your money. We believe no one can sell or promote your book better than you.

When you are ready to publish, get a quote comparison, choose the services you require from us and reap the benefits of 100% profit on your book. Its that simple! No Gimmicks! Is self publishing a business – YES!