Gandhi… What Would He Do?

What Would Gandhi Do?  asonv book cover

Author Pummy Kaur is a great example of a one woman brand. She has published 3 books, including her most recent, What Would Gandhi Do? and A Season of Non-Violence, both in multiple printings with First Choice Books. 

Pummy Kaur founded The Global Education Center (G.E.C.) in 1991 as a passionate voice and a compassionate ear for educating as if Life really matters. With her books, Kaur reaches out to universities, school districts, religious and spiritual institutions, social justice groups, unions, political groups, women’s issues groups, children and young adult groups, progressive journals, and teachers organizations with her unique insights and perspectives. She offers simple, highly effective, individual solutions to local and global problems; solutions that are congruent with Gandhian Principles of simplicity, seva (service), self-sufficiency, courage, and compassion.

Here’s Pummy with two of her most famous readers. More photos can be seen on her site.

Arun Gandhi

Pummy Kaur with Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatama Gandhi,and first edition of What Would Gandhi Do?

Deepak Chopra

Pummy Kaur with Deepak Chopra