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Welcome guests and guest authors to the blog at First Choice Books.  We look forward to your insights on self-publishing whether it be a discussion about your latest book project, or your most recent accolades as an author, or even your secrets to creative inspiration – messy desk or tidy, etc.?  Please share with us!

10 Reasons to Self Publish Your Book

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My first book Grading the Teacher took four years to write. It was published by Penguin Books Canada in 1996-and became a best-seller! Over time, for several reasons which I will describe in a later post, I developed the idea for a Mining Your Resources series I believed would be beneficial to individual readers as well as to workshop facilitators. So …why did I decide to self-publish the  four-volume series instead of approaching traditional publishers? 1. CONTROL I’m also an artist. No one else puts their paintbrush into any one of...

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Bookbinding and Book Repair Tips

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  The first thing to do is to identify the problem(s) and tackle it from the inside of the book outward. Experiment with a throw away book  or buy one cheaply from a Thrift Store Use unprinted newsprint or wax paper to avoid moisture penetration and sticky pages after gluing.Use a heavy  weight with boards to press the books and leave glue to dry for a certain period of time. Librarians and Book Dealers Tips &Techniques Book Parts:   Front and back cover Inside front cover – attached end  paper Spine –  Book back (bind...

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Book Repair Tips & Ideas

Posted by on Sep 22, 2010 in Book Design Matters | 2 comments

Before you experiment with book repair tips & ideas on your library book, I suggest getting a throw away book to gain some measure of confidence. By practicing you will gain skills and abilities. Pencil Mark To invoke book repair tip use pink pearl eraser rubbing with light pressure in one direction (never back and forth) Ink Mark Try pink pearl eraser rubbing in one direction. Paper is made from wood so it will react to the sand paper differently. Use the finest grade possible.   Attached to your finger and rub gently in small strokes...

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Is Amazon a VANITY Press??

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The answer you seek may depend on your point of view. I will simply present the facts and allow you to make a decision. The term VANITY or subsidy press is a derogatory term coined by someone in the traditional publishing industry. It simply means taking payment from an Author to print or publish his book. Therefore, simply put,  Printing and Self Publishing companies fall in the category as a subsidy publisher. We can get a little more technical here but we won’t. I,sometimes wonder, when he coined  the phrase”VANITY Press” if he...

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Business Books and Manuals

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A quick look at any bestseller list reveals business books are big business. These books on marketing, sales and leadership can now be easily SELF PUBLISHED by anyone knowledgeable in their field. Business books will remain on bookshelves and can be in circulation for longer periods of time. A sales person, writing a book on product selling gains credibility in public engagements, discussions and conferences.  Giving or selling your book at meetings may also help to promote your business and increase attendance. Providing your manuscript to...

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Web & Graphic Design Services for Print Shops

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Web & Graphic Design Services for Print Shops

Firstchoice  now provides a wide array of web & graphic design services for print shops. Whether your order is large or small, simple or complex, we have an experienced staff with modern equipment to get it done.  And we can professionally and affordably. We are well aware of all the hard work involved in getting  a book or manual ready for publication. This is why we are offering an exciting new web design service that will appeal to self-published authors wishing to gain prominence in the marketplace.  Moreover,print shops and...

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25 Free Books

Posted by on Jun 15, 2010 in Trending News at First Choice Books about Literary Events | 1 comment

Big Savings with 25 Free Books, Free Guide, Free ISBN, FREE Barcode, Free Copyright, Free Bookstore Listing ( with an order of 200 or more)

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Publishing Pitfalls? Beware!

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Many aspiring authors wonder whether self publishing will work for them but are unsure how it differs from traditional publishing. A key difference is ownership. Traditional publishing is usually through a large or well-known publishing house that controls and owns your copyrights. This means that the publisher can make changes, edits, or choose the direction and design of your cover art without any input from you. This also means if your book is a literary success, the publisher will benefit from most of the profit. Self publishing is pretty...

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What’s Your Type?

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The choices in type (fonts) are seemingly endless. From traditional Baskerville to new, popular (and sometimes, infamous) choices such as Papyrus and Copperplate Gothic, you have a wide array from which to choose. First, identify your target market. Are you writing for seniors? Children? Is your book one of recipes or poems? Poetry or prose? Your target market ultimately influences your choice in type. After you’ve identified the sort of reader towards which your book is marketed, decide on a style that you prefer. A typeface contains one...

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Does your Book Cover Target the Right Market?

Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Book Design Matters | 0 comments

You may have great content, but without an attractive cover, your book may have half a chance to sell. Your cover has to be designed to attract the attention of a buyer. An easy solution if you’ve hit a proverbial creative “wall” is to visit your local bookstore (or not-so-local — try our online bookstore at or peruse for ideas. You can go one of two ways — replicate, or “be inspired by” current and popular titles — or try to get attention by being decidedly different. But do...

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